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Advances in surgical liposuction devices have made surgery less risky and reduced costs to the patient and surgeon, while improving outcomes. There are still disadvantages to traditional liposuction, which is why cosmetic surgeons must consider several factors before investing in any liposuction device.

Pros and Cons of Surgical Liposuction:

Surgical liposuction is still considered the gold standard in the cosmetic surgery industry. It offers many advantages and it causes less harm as the technique continues to improve the efficacy and safety of traditional liposuction.

Pros of Surgical Liposuction:


The effectiveness of traditional liposuction is one of the main factors that surgeons must consider before investing in a non-surgical device. Surgical instruments such as Nobel Medical Systems' PAL liposuction machine can produce the aesthetic results the patient and surgeon desire in fewer sessions. Surgical instruments are also ideal for accessing large amounts of fat and areas such as the upper back.

Cost to Patient:

Traditional liposuction is definitely more cost effective. Surgical liposuction can cost the patient anywhere in the budget, depending on what procedures they want, but they will require fewer sessions and can treat multiple areas at once.

Costs to the Physician:

Since liposuction is the second most common cosmetic procedure, surgeons earn a high return on investment when purchasing a liposuction device. Surgical liposuction machines generate higher profits, although these machines have a lower consumable cost, and are many ideal candidates for surgical liposuction. Even people with small areas of excess fat can be treated with traditional liposuction.

Cons of Surgical Liposuction:

Recovery Time:

This is one of the biggest reasons why your patients are more interested in minimally invasive liposuction procedures. Traditional liposuction has a longer recovery time, but patients often do not understand the consequences of surgical liposuction, which often outweigh the decline.

Risks and Side Effects:

There are certainly more risks and side effects associated with traditional liposuction. Patients experience more pain, swelling and bruising, although this is much less common with a skilled surgeon.

Surgeon Fatigue:

Traditional liposuction is more tedious on the surgeon. They have to apply more force and they are increasingly performing lengthy surgeries because of the increase in the body's profiling processes. However, several manufacturers such as Nobel Medical Systems are addressing this issue by engineering power-assisted liposuction devices that are lightweight and powerful.

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